February 29th 2012

Day 60. Topic = The Extra Day.

So some people have been joking about the name of the blog. They keep on saying that it is not correct. Yes, I KNOW there is 366 days this year and it is just ironic that I started the blog on a leap year. I think of it this way, if I told you my blog was called "One girl, 366 days" wouldn't you be a bit confused? So just think of this as a extra post for the extra day. Now, about the photo. I love to doodle. It is like a little addiction of mine. My sketch book is filled with random sayings. words, and mini drawings that I think of. I guess this goes along with my obsession for pens. When there is a blank space in my planner or even along the sides of papers, this kind of drawing happens. So happy leap year everybody!


February 28th 2012

Day 59. Topic = Stuck.

This topic name fits two subjects. First of all, the picture. When I said "stuck" in the topic name, I first thought of how this faucet for the water outside is stuck. Because it is stuck, it was just sitting there, drip, drip, drip. Right before I somehow managed to get the water from stop running, I took a picture. The second reason the topic name fits is because I am stuck. Well, not exactly. None of my family has been feeling the best, causing us to just lounge around. I think this is a nice change for once, we useally are running around like crazy. I hope to feel better soon and take some pictures outside of my house and yard!


February 27th 2012

58. Topic = Cooking.

I am no chef. I do not really enjoy cooking unlike my mother who lives in the kitchen. When most of the family is sick, it turns into a fend-for-yourself meal. I have absolutely no problem with that but when I walk into the kitchen, I have no idea what I am doing. This ends up with me making something completely random. When I somehow can not find anything, I make the guaranteed to be yummy omlet. Most people might think of an omlet as a breakfast food, but not me. That is a food that I could eat any time of the day. So yes, I am proud that I made myself an omlet. And it was tasty, too!
*Also, I cannot post anything on Facebook right now. Temporary shut down. No worries.*


February 26th 2012

Day 57. Topic = When in Need.

Well It was 9:30 pm and I still did not have a photo for today. While I was searching around my room for a decent photo, I came across another collection from my desk. The pens. I am the kind of person that if your company hands me some cheap pen, I will love it. I have used fancy pens for drawing before but I really just like regular pens and sharpies. Does anyone else have this same obsession?


February 25th 2012

Photo Number 56. Topic = Needing Sleep.

Today was a whirlwind. Lets just say waking up at 5 in the morning two days in a row is not my thing. I went to Horseman's Youth Day at NC State Veternary School today. You could not imagine how much I learned! I loved going there! I now want to be a zoologist and study animals by dissecting them. I was completely fasinated by the anatomy part of the presentation. Above is a picture of a young fawn (about 10 days old).
This is a picture of the mother of the fawn. She was so beautiful.
I took this picture right after we came out of this barn. We learned how to do a quick physical examination. Listening to the horses heart was cool!
This last picture is of a horse that was down in thw hospital part of the school. She has a bad left hind leg that is wrapped up in a cast. I can not recal what had happened to her. She was a hair camera shy, too.


February 24th 2012

Day 55. Topic =I Can't Write Much.

Today I went snow tubing with a friend of mine.It was SO much fun! I am going to one place to another tonight and it has been a hectic day. Sorry for not typing much! At least there is a picture!


February 23rd 2012

54. Topic = Magic of Science.

Once a month I go to a science class taught by the brains behind Very Pinteresting. She is wonderful and knows her facts. Ironically enough, we learned about surface tension which is what causes these raindrops on the flower. I took this photo right before I got in the car to go to science class.
Here is just another view of the flower.
I had fun taking all of these photos.
Using wax paper, surface tension, water, a dropper, and food coloring, I had a blast.
Of course I had to take my view of my colored dots.


February 22nd 2012

Day 53. Topic = The One of Many Piles On My Desk.

My desk looks like someone took all of a office supply store and threw it on my desk. Between photos, the computer, papers from many different events, books, notebooks, pens, drawing supplies, random sticky notes, and all of the etc., my desk is covered. The photo above is a small portion of the mess. The top book is "The Hunger Games", which was in fact finished! The Second book is "The Diary of Anne Frank". That book has taken me FOREVER to read but I only have about 40 pages left. The next two books are "The Iliad of Homer" and "The Odyssey of Homer". I never read either one, but I do know about them. They were loaned to me and I have been meaning to give them back but, as you can see, I have not yet. The last book is actually not a book. It is my, what I guess you would call a "Fashion Journal". The journal is filled with things that I have torn out of magazines, anything I wanted to buy, an idea of something I could make, or an outfit I liked a lot. All of these have thier own little spot in the chaos of my desk, but I thought it made a good picture.


February 21st 2012

Photo 52. Topic = More Flowers.
I know yesterday I posted a picture of a pink flower but when you see something that needs to have its picture taken, you work with what you have. I went to Greensboro today for a class at Weatherspoon Art Museum. This was my second time going there and it is amazing. They always have something different, due to traveling exibits. Unforunately I could not take pictures inside the musuem, so I took a picture outside the museum. They had this nice little tree with beautiful blossoms. If you are in the Piedmont area, you should go check out Weatherspoon Art Musuem, And it is free!


February 20th 2012

Day 51. Topic = When You Accidently Leave The Flash On Your Camera.

I like to mess with the settings on my camera fequently but most of the time I forget to set the settings back to how I need them. The main problem with this is that I do not like to use the flash on the camera a lot but sometimes it goes in my favor. For example, when I took this photo of this flower I did not plan to have the flash on but it worked. Because of the flash being on I got this wonderful picture that shows just how vibrant the colors are.


February 19th 2012

Day 50. Topic = Finally! Snow!

This winter weather has been crazy. I walked outside last week without a jacket and was perfectly fine! And tonight it snowed! CRAZY weather here in North Carolina. Because of this rare event of snow, I took a couple of pictures. The first one is of the mailbox covered with snow. It did not start snowing well till it was dark outside so I had to use the flash on my camera.
These snowflakes were insanely big! Best part about it was trying to catch them with your tongue.

I just had to draw on the cars. I really wanted to make something super pretty but the snow would not stick well enough for me to make the drawing elaborate. I settled for drawing a simple heart.
This is the one of the few times when it is good to have a street light stuck in your yard.
Thanks to my step-brother, Seth, for being my model in the snow. I think this picture is almost a little creepy but cool at the same time.
This photo is just awesome. It is of a lampost looking upward with the snow falling all around it. I love this photo so much!
I really wanted to take the classic footprints in the snow picture so here it is!
After a little while outside I came inside and curled up in front of the fireplace with "The Hunger Games". This has been a very good night.


February 18th 2012

# 49. Topic = The Hunger Games.

All of my friends have been talking about how I need to read "The Hunger Games". The funny thing about this is that I have owned the book for about two years and have yet to read it. I decided to read all of the book this weekend. So far, I have read a good amount and I technically have till Monday because of President's day. I flipped to the last page of the book to see how many pages I have to conquer and my eyes were automatically drawn to the word "cameras". I am loving the book so far so lets see if I will finish it all this weekend!


February 17th 2012

Photo Number 48. Topic = Nature Around Us.

I went on a quick hike this afternoon in need of a good  photo. Instead of just one, I got three. I got a lot of positive feedback about this post because of all the different pictures. I am planning on posting all the good photos I take on that day instead of just the one photo. I really like this photo above because it shows the real texture of the wood.
For this photo, I thought the way the sun reflected in the water. Besides, who doesn't love a good sunset picture?
This photo is a little mind-warping. The trees are actually going up on a hill and then they are reflecting in the water. Everything looked so peaceful.


February 16th 2012

Day 47. Topic = <3.

I did about nothing today. My mom had gotten a magazine today and I remembered an idea I saw a while back on Pinterest. I had some fun taking this and that is about all I have to say!


February 15th 2012

Day Number 46. Topic = More Than One Photo!

It has been a very good photo-taking day for me. The first picture is of a wonderful cupcake that my mother brought to me from a playdate. The cupcake was made by the lovely lady over at  Very Pinteresting! If you have never seen her blog before, you need too! I love it!
This photo is of a pine cone bird feeder my brothers made this past week. SUPER easy to make, find a pine cone, add some peanut butter, then last but not least, add a little bit of bird seed. We saw SO many birds on the bird feeders!
I wore a pair of sunglasses outside today and I thought it would be neat to show exactly what I was seeing. My sister is being absolutely adorable in the background, also.
My brother is great at being my little model. This picture was definitely planned out.
We walked down to the local park (also mentioned in this post) and this is the dog that lives in the house in front of the park. Her name is Riley and she is the sweetest thing ever!
At the park I almost had stepped on this flower but looked down just in time to see it so I snapped this photo.
Last but not least, here is my other brother about to slide down the slide.
Whew! I think that might just be enough photos for today! One more thing, I entered a photo in a contest so PLEASE go check out the One Girl 365 Clicks Facebook page and find the link for the photo contest. My photo is number 5 so please vote! Thanks!


February 14th 2012

Photo Number 45. Topic = Just Chillin'

After 6 hours of standing all day because of volunteering, I am tired. I took this photo of the sheep at the Greensboro Natural Science Center. Sorry guys for not typing much, it has been a long day.


February 13th 2012

Day 44. Topic = Waterfalls.
I was in Raliegh today and got to go to the Science mueseum there. I loved seeing the waterfall that they built and then it was glassed in at the bottom and had some small fish swimming in the water. This is a photo of the bubbles that the water made from the waterfall when it hits the water. I thought it was neat because the water kept running and the same bubbles would appear. The bright light above it added to this photo, too.


February 12th 2012

#43. Topic = "I ain't a doll; this ain't a dollhouse".
My cousins were given dollhouses that you had to build for Christmas a while ago. They eventually ended up at my grandparents house so my grandpa decided to build them. They were built to perfection and then he added some small pieces of furniture, like this rocking chair. I like this photo because it is like a step back in time, away from all the gadgets and gizmos.


February 11th 2012

Photo Numbe 42. Topic = Lost and Found.

Here is some more jewelry of mine, one of my favorite pair of earrings. I bought these Hello Kitty earrings about 4 years ago at a craft festival. I do not wear them too often, especially recently sense they have been at my friends house for the past 6 months. I finally brought them back to my house and I had not taken a photo of the day yet so I took a photo of my earrings. Do you have a favorite jewelry piece?


February 10th 2012

Number 41. Topic = In a Sea of Love.

It is already the middle of February and the 14th is quickly approaching. This will just be another day for me but hopefully I can buy some chocolates half price on the 15th. All around me are hearts and lovebirds. This does not bother me one bit either. So here is to everyone who will not be using Valentines day just for cheap candy. Everyone who looks at my blog, whether I personally know you or not, you mean a lot to me and I love you!


February 9th 2012

Day 40. Topic = Snowboarding.

When I left my house it was dark and when I finally came home, it was dark. My whole family (all six of us) hopped in the car and drove to where there is snow. Fake snow, that is. We left around 6:00 this morning, which for my home-schooled self who gets to sleep in most days is VERY early. I had been wanting to learn to snowboard and my brothers wanted to ski. I could not risk taking my camera on the slopes (What would I do without my camera?!) so I had took this picture of the tire tracks and snow in the middle of the parking lot. To reassure you, I DID check for traffic. I had the best time in awhile, apart from now being sore. Now I have a new hobby!


February 8th 2012

The 39th Day. Topic = A Sister is a Forever Friend.
My sister is almost 13 years younger than me. She talks a lot, but most of the time we can barely understand her. She "roars" at everything, especially our brothers. She has her own room, but is ALWAYS in my room, even while I am typing this. She is the biggest drama queen i know and a show-off. I love her though. This is a piggy bank she has in her room. (She roars at this too.)


February 7th 2012

Photo Number 38. Topic = Why Not Be Happy?

A while back someone asked me "Why are you always happy?" My response "Why not?" Life is way too short to be sad all the time so why not choose to be happy? Like any other person, I get sad and mad, that is human nature. This is a reminder to be happy. Why wouldn't you?


February 6th 2012

Day 37. Topic = "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.."

I went to Hobby Lobby today and that store is just amazing. They have everything you can imagine in the way of crafts. I needed a small picture frame for a drawing I did so while walking to that isle I noticed this beautiful decorative box. It reminded me of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (which I truly  have never seen but I have heard about it) because of all the glamour. I of course had to stop and take a picture.


February 5th 2012

Photo Number 36. Topic = Super Bowl!
Today was like every other Sunday. Wake up, church, come back home, rest, finish a craft or two, and then back to church for evening worship. Honestly, Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week because it is the one day where I have a routine. I live a hectic life, it has something different every day. Today was the same, first church, then at home, and then I attended the church's youth super bowl party! I had a blast. This picture is of the foosball table that is in the youth building.


February 4th 2012

Day 35. Topic = Groundhog Day.

Yes, I knowgroundhogs day was two days ago, not today. Yes, I know this is not a picture of a groundhog or anything close to a groundhog. I did not think about it on the second but I should have taken a picture of a shadow. Today, I got to go shopping (just for a jacket to go snowboarding, no exciting shopping here) and I treated myself to a white chocolate mocha and it was yummy! As the sadly empty coffee cup was sitting on the floor of my room, (it had fallen off my desk, being knocked off by all the other one million things on my desk.) I saw that it had a shadow. That got me thinking, well groundhog day was ONLY two days ago so this is my groundhog day post.


Febuary 3rd 2012

Photo 34. Topic = More No Editing!

Another crazy day today but I felt so un-inspired! I went a couple places today but I couldn't find anything photo worthy. I don't know if I was looking too hard or not hard enough but nothing came to me. I settled for this flower, bright and pink. I can't even think enough to type! Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.


February 2nd 2012

Day 33. Topic = Self-Portraits.

I remember in 6th grade the class was asked to draw a self-portrait but it does not necessarily have to be a drawing of what you look like. The idea of the project was not to draw what you look like but who you are. I can not remember what I drew but I was thinking this morning about what I wanted to take a picture of today and I decided to take one of me. Like the project from 6th grade, I did not want to just look at the camera and smile, I wanted to take a picture that represented me, who I am on the inside. Just for fun I am not going to say what I think the picture means about me  but I want all of you to tell me what you see.