April 30th 2012

Day 121. Topic = Fly, Fly, Away.
I can not even think of words to decribe this picture. I think it is so lovely. It is just peaceful, like not a thing in the world will bother it.


April 29th 2012

120. Topic = Cruising.

I went with my dad today for a quick ride in his new car. It is a yellow spitfire convertible so my hair was INSANE. That's okay, though. I still managed to take this picture which I am very pleased with.


April 28th 2012

Day 119. Topic = Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...

While riding in the car today and sitting beside my brother, he noticed the sharpie in my pocket. He really wanted me to draw a "rainbow Batman" but I only had a black sharpie, so this is the "Batman" he ended up with it. When I was done with the super quick drawing, he asked me to take a picture of it. I feel like I have trained him so well!


April 27th 2012

Photo Number 118. Topic = YOUth Can.

I have been helping organize a food drive through 4-H with a few friends recently. We put paper bags on doors of two different neighborhoods and picked half of them up today. That was about 100 bags. In total today, we collected 502 items of food! That is already half of our goal! I can not wait to see how many we will get tommorow. This photo is of some of the filled paper bags that we got today. 


April 26th 2012

117. Topic = I Got Your Nose!

While babysitting this afternoon, their dog decided that he wanted some attention, too! I love dogs so much and dogs tend to like me also, so I had to play with him. This dog is one of the few dogs that I have seen that actually like to have their picture taken. This picture is of the dog's curious little nose. 


April 25th 2012

Day 116. Topic = Still Standing.

While I was standing on the porch today, camera in hand, with some friends as I was fixing the settings on my camera. I am not sure why, but I thought this would be a cool picture, so here it is! 


April 24th 2012

Day 115. Topic = Bye Bye.

It was a sad day today because I had to let E.T. Armstrong (my turtle) go. I have kept him for about 3 weeks but it was not fair for me to keep him contained. He swam away, just like pictured, into this big world. You will be missed E.T. Armstrong.


April 23rd 2012

114. Topic = The Mills.

So I know some of my photos are bad. I know about once a week I have a blog post that stands out more than others. Honestly, I am fine with this. Of course not all of my photos are going to be good, I am having to do this every day! So with that being said, I think this is one that should stand out. I feel like it says so much, and I will leave it to all of you to decide what you think it says. I took this photo from inside of an old mill near where I live. Someone has shot a hole in the glass, but the wire that was made inside the glass keeps it standing. In the distance, you can halfway see the silo that is close by this mill.


April 2nd 2012

Day 113. Topic = Oreo.
My cat decided that it wanted to be on the blog finally. She was just waking up, but I still decided to take this photo. 


Photo Number 112. Topic = Contests.
I entered this painting in a 4-H contest this past week. I won 1st place!!! I was insanely excited about winning! It is a mixed media kind of painting made with newspaper and, of course, paint. 


Day 111. Topic = Mind Warping.

I bought a new camera today. I first have to built it. Confused yet? Well, you should be. I bought what you call a "pinhole camera. Google it, I promise you will be amazed!! but all the "camera" consists is cardboard, a piece of copper, and film. It actually works too! Now I just have to find time to make it.


April 19th 2012

110. Topic = WHY?!?!?!

Blogger keeps on changing the way for me to post the blog posts. SUPER confusing to my brain. Life goes on though, and if that is the worst thing that happens to me this month, I would say that I am doing pretty well. I took this photo of the dress that I am wearing. I know, all fancy in a dress. Sometimes, you should wear a dress and today was one of those days. I love the pattern of flowers so much!! 


April 18th 2012

Photo Number 109. Topic = TOMS.
I really believe this photo belongs as an ad for TOMS shoes. Does anyone else think that, or am I a loner on this opinion?


April 17th 2012

108. Topic = Like a Worker.

I moved around some loose bricks today so after i was done I found a couple of these weeds, which I like to call the little wishie thingies. It was a planned picture, but that's okay!!


April 16th 2012

Day 107. Topic= Going To the Lodge...
As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I went on a mini one night vacation. I went to Great Wolf Lodge with a good friend of mine and had the time of my life. I only got one decent picture, considering my camera is not waterproof and it is a water park. I took this photo from standing underneath the chandelier that was made of deer antlers.


April 15th 2012

Number 106. Topic = I Wish to Travel.
I emptied out my purse today because I knew it needed cleaning and I will be going on a one night vacation tonight. So, I was surprised how much was actually in my purse, considering it is really small. Lets see, I have a pack of gum (one of my favorite flavors!) and my new camera strap that was given to me while I was in West Virginia. This camera strap is small than my other one, but the other one was about 5 years old. I have my battery charger with my extra battery. You never know when you will need it! My best chap stick is always with me. It smells like a tropical paradise and has SPF 15 (I get sun burnt VERY quickly). The sunglasses are actually able to fold in half for easy storage. I picked them up last year at one of my favorite stores! I have a random bottle cap from a peach Nehi because, well why not? There is a pen for quick notes ideas that usually are just wrote on my hands. The last two things are my phone and a book. I think you can figure out the purpose of those!

April 14th 2012

105. Topic = Silly Birds.

Today while I was walking around outside in the yard, the sun was beating through the trees and it happened to be shining right on the birdhouse in the backyard. I walked over there and noticed how much birdseed the birds (and probably other animals that wander around at night.) had spilled. No suprise, but I had my camera so a picture was taken of the spilled birdseed. I know I am posting this a day late but I thought that I did and the post never went through.


April 13th 2012

Day 104. Topic = 2 out of 4.

So today is Friday the 13th. Actually, it is the 2nd Friday the 13th we have had this year, and there is two more to come. I'm no Mayan, but if there are FOUR Friday the 13th's in one year, I'd say the world was going to end too. (P.S. I'm completely kidding, please excuse my odd humor, but if you read my blog alot, you already know this.) I read a funny tweet a while back, it read "If the world did end in 2012, what would you do before you die?". The best (and funniest) response I read said "Punch a Mayan in the face". I could not help but laugh. I took this picture of a painting I am working on for a contest. It is a painting of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I really hope it turned out well!! Also, I'm going to leave you with a question, What would YOU do before the world ended if it did end?


April 12th 2012

Day 103. Topic = Let's Drive!

Today was the day where I am positive I smelled like grass and dirt. This is also known as mowing the yard. I really liked how the thick clovers made an nice, even line to make it easier for me to know where I needed to drive.


April 11th 2012

Day 102. Topic = Work What You Got.

Maybe it just runs in the family but my sister and I both are a bit full of ourselves in the most humbling way. This picture just explains herself so much.


April 10th 2012

Day 101. Topic = Bored.

So when I am bored, I take photos. After I take them they go through a "serious" (that was meant to be sarcastic) editing process. Then finally, they are posted on here, to let the coolest of cool people see (A.K.A. you!). I took this outside while I was supposed to be watching my brothers and sister, just kidding mother...


April 9th 2012

100. Topic = On the Road Again...

I rode back into the heart of N.C. today from W.V. It was a lets see how much after Easter candy I can eat in one day kind of day! I took this threw the window in the car.


April 8th 2012

Photo Number 99. Topic = Leaving.

Sadly we will be leaving West Virginia tomorrow, but I am leaving with memories. First stop was visiting an old railroad track. I climbed some low beams (the railroad track was between two mountains so it had to be held up by something). I took this picture of the track beams when we were leaving.


April 7th 2012

Day 98. Topic = Art Shows.

I went to an art show thingie today (I don't know what you would technically call it). This was the outside of the building. The colors were vibrant!

This is a plant I found outside the building, does anyone know what it is??

I loved this pretty bench in their garden!!

All these pictures were paintings on different feathers. SUPER neat stuff!


April 6th 2012

Day 97. Topic = I'm up here!

Busy day since I am not in my normal state, I'm in West Virginia!! I actually took this picture in the car, I really do just love the mountains!!!


April 5th 2012

Day 96. Topic = W.V.

Well, crazy day so I *barly* got to take a photo today! Hopefully, there will be a better post tomorrow!!


April 4th 2012

Day 95. Topic = Mini Table.

Quick post tonight, I actually like this photo. It captures me very well. In the picture, There is a bookshelf in the background and a book (the third Hunger Games book) on the table. There is a paintbrush from a recent project and a pen for my random notes.


April 3rd 2012

94. Topic = The Prison Farm.
I love this picture of the flower. I think it just has so much character! This was the best thing about going to a place that sells plants since I am no gardener...
Patrick and I decided to have some fun in the greenhouse!


April 2nd 2012

Day 93. Topic = 3L.
Laura Lee was super cute today so I got to take these two pictures of her. It is hard to see, but she is holding a flower in her hand. Laura Lee is just too cute!


April 1st 2012

#92. Topic = April Fools!
Well, even though it IS April Fool's day today, this bee in the photo is actually real. I was about to get in the car to go to church and he was just staying in one place. i ran inside to get my camera,halfway  expecting him to be gone when I got back, but he was still there! He finally flew away right after I took the photo.