August 26th 2012

Photo 191. Topic = Through the Tunnels of West Virginia.

August 23rd 2012

Photo Number 190. Topic = Uncertainty. 
**This was meant to be posted on the 23rd but ended up in the drafts folder, and was not published. Sorry!**


August 22nd 2012

Day 189. Topic = Contest!
So today I found out about a contest going on near me by a shoe store called Solteria. I am telling all of you this because I entered the photo above, the contest was to send them a photo of you in your TOMS, and I would appreciate if you would go on facebook and find them (/www.facebook.com/pages/Solteria/60675903089    Here is the link, sorry I could not make it a direct link). Just "like" their page and click on the right hand side where it says "Recent posts by others on Solteria" and you will see my photo. From then like that photo and if you would like to help out even more share it with your friends and get them to like the photo too! Thank you so much!! You are all loved!


August 21st 2012

188. Topic = My summer described in one photo.
Hey guys, so I know this summer was pretty photo-less  but I am going to try to get back into the routine of posting photos again. This photo has some of the bracelets I made this summer at different camps, or while sitting on workshops. I hope you all will hope right back on my blogging expedition with me!