May 27th 2012

Day 148. Topic = Pure love.

This is my grandfather. I can bet he does not know this photo was taken!


May 26th 2012

147. Topic = Trying to take pictures of fireflies, but no luck. Instead, here is a picture of a mason jar.


May 24th 2012

145. Topic = A different perspective of the zoo.

P.S., I went to the zoo again today so this is not another photo from Monday.


May 16th 2012

137. Topic = I am not sure if this is the face of cuteness, or pure evil...



May 8th 2012

Day 129. Topic = Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.

So I am stuck in my crazy life right now therefore my blog has been very slacking. I have thought about stopping, but I decided that it would be worth it in the end. I will still write on occasion but the photos will be posted. If you happen you have any questions on the photos, simply comment. Thank you everyone who has supported me so far on this photogenic journey.


May 7th 2012

128. Topic = Berries.

I think I am starting to stay tired all the time. While I am writing this, I feel like I am almost asleep. My blog posts are so short and slacking I have thought about quitting. I am only 1/3rd of the way through of this year and I have had some hard times when I need to post. Please, give me your opinion about this. Honestly, I am starting to feel like my blog posts are not being read by anyone outside my house. Is that true? So if you are out there and reading this, comment please. It would help me out a lot on figuring out my blog. 


April 6th 2012

Day 127. Topic = Grandparents.

I took a visit to my grandparents house today. We were looking through old photos of them to try to plan their 50th wedding anniversary and I found this one. Everything about it I love. What is your favorite memory with your grandparents?


May 5th 2012

Number 126. Topic = Stay Inside.
Today I stayed inside most of today due to events and rain. This evening though I looked at the sky and realized it was finally nice outside. Sometimes days like this are good.


May 4th 2012

125. Topic = Carowinds.

I took this photo for the top of the merry-go-round at Carowinds today. I wish I could tell you all about it but I am so ready for bed! 


May 3rd 2012

Photo Number 124. Topic = C is for Cookie.

I made this mug back in January and I just got around to getting it! I feel like a slacker, but I have it now!! It is a cookie monster mug and it actually holds a cookie in it's mouth. I love it so much!!!


May 2nd 2012

Day 123. Topic = Hello There.

When I do not have a photo for the day, I walk around my room until something catches my eye. Ironically, today it was my eyes. I took this photo while kneeling in front of my dresser.


May 1st 2012

122. Topic = By Chance.

My mom and I stopped by a herb and plant sell today. I figured that I would stay in the car, because gardening is one of those things I stay away from. Then, I saw it. My photo for today. Something about this photo I love dearly. I guess it the brightness of the photo over powers the dying flower, but maybe that is the meaning. Do not let the little things get you down, life itself is amazing. So live like you were dying.