February 19th 2012

Day 50. Topic = Finally! Snow!

This winter weather has been crazy. I walked outside last week without a jacket and was perfectly fine! And tonight it snowed! CRAZY weather here in North Carolina. Because of this rare event of snow, I took a couple of pictures. The first one is of the mailbox covered with snow. It did not start snowing well till it was dark outside so I had to use the flash on my camera.
These snowflakes were insanely big! Best part about it was trying to catch them with your tongue.

I just had to draw on the cars. I really wanted to make something super pretty but the snow would not stick well enough for me to make the drawing elaborate. I settled for drawing a simple heart.
This is the one of the few times when it is good to have a street light stuck in your yard.
Thanks to my step-brother, Seth, for being my model in the snow. I think this picture is almost a little creepy but cool at the same time.
This photo is just awesome. It is of a lampost looking upward with the snow falling all around it. I love this photo so much!
I really wanted to take the classic footprints in the snow picture so here it is!
After a little while outside I came inside and curled up in front of the fireplace with "The Hunger Games". This has been a very good night.