Offically Day One

        Day one of the great photo challenge. Topic = Angry Birds, The Board Game Edition.

For my first day of 2012 I had the chance to babysit a wonderful 6 year old boy.  He taught me how to play "Angry Birds, The Board Game". If you are not familiar with the angry birds obsession then I will tell you the point of the game.There is a tower that has these interesting green "pigs" (pictured) sitting on or in the tower. Then there is a catapult that you have to set the "birds" (also pictured) in and make them hit the tower and seeing how many pigs you can knock over. Sounds simple right? It is so not. We  spent over an hour "slinging" these little guys and hitting the pigs. I had a blast though and was fascinated at the bright colors and odd shapes. This picture is of all the birds and pigs lined up in a row, starting with the original "angry bird".


  1. There's an angry birds bourd game thts awesome!!!

  2. Awsome i am so proud to be your father