January 31st 2012

Final Day of January. Topic = Architect.
I can not believe it has been a month already! January has flown by WAY too fast. Make sure to check out "One girl 365 days" on facebook because later today I have a special announcement! Lets just say it has been a good day for One Girl 365 Clicks. I am overwhelmed with excitement from just doing this for a month I do not know what to say! Well, about the picture.  Pretty simple, my brothers and sister were playing with blocks and this photo was taken after the tower they had built had been knocked down.


January 30th 2012

Number 30. Topic = Volunteering.

Today I went to Greensboro's Natural Science Center to talk about volunteering there. Unfortunately I am not quite old enough yet to work outside with the animals but I will be old enough this fall! I absolutely LOVE animals (considering the fact that, in total, I have four dogs, two cats, a blue macaw, and I take horseback riding lessons). After my interview my family and I went outside to see all these animals and some of them were active this morning, like the Gibbons that wanted my apple that I was eating, but others were very relaxed, like this Lemur, who was just laying against the glass long enough for me to take this picture. These guys are just too cute! I love the vibrant color of their eyes.


January 29th 2012

Day 29. Topic = Joys of Hiking.

Today I went hiking at Faith Rock. As described in the trail name it is a giant rock beside the water. I have been hiking on this trail many times and I still love going here. It has some AMAZING views and is right beside the water where I go kayaking at frequently. If you are not scared of heights and love adventures, I would recommend going. I took this photo right before the trail started.


Day 28. Topic = Needing Inspiration.

I heard from other people that passing through the first month was hard. I did not think that they were serious but I have found that when you take a photo every single day it almost gets boring. You still have your own personal view on things but your pictures seem like they all resemble each other. Being this committed to something is hard. I would not say I am regretting this challenge because it is teaching me SO much about everything and when someone tells me how much they like my blog, it means the world. This photo was taken of a trailer when I was laying down.


Photo Number 27. Topic = It's good to have friends.
Today I went to the Discovery Place in Charlotte and if you live near by I would recommend to go to it. I love going there, too bad it is two hours away from where I live. I also love to go with friends because today I got some great photos and if it wasn't for them it would be like a blank canvas. One of my most favorite things about The Discovery Place is seeing the jelly fish. These creatures are absolutely beautiful. Being 95% water, they are pretty impressive. This photo is of my friend admiring the jellyfish.


January 26th 2012

Photo 26. Topic = Feeling Like a Teacher.

It is SUCH a beautiful day outside today! The birds are chirping, sun is in the sky, and I can wear my flip-flops! I did not want to waste this day and I had to get some reading done. This was around 3:00 so I was a little hungry (feeling a bit like the "Hungry Caterpillar") so I walked outside with a book, apple, and of course my camera in hand. I layed my book down and noticed the vibrant colors on the apple and how the sun was glowing. I posed my apple and book and layed down and took this picture. I love it!


January 25th 2012

Challenge Photo 25. Topic = People and Stained Glass are the Same.

If you were a little confused by the topic title, I understand. The reason why I put that is because I read a quote today that said "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." This is so true and goes along with the kiwi picture. I typed a quote about a iceberg in the kiwi post and a kiwi and stained glass do the same thing. Kiwis look odd at first glance but the inside is beautiful. Stained glass looks dull when its in the dark but shine like the sun when near light.


January 24th 2012

Day 24. Topic = Beauty of Nature
Have you ever wondered what life is like through someone else's eyes! That is what I love photography. I can take my image of something and convert it into a photo. Today I saw a dandelion and was looking at it and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if that little weed grew and grew 20 feet high and stood as tall as the trees?" So that is just what I tried to show in this photo. I like this picture because you can see the sunset in the background.


January 23rd 2012

Post #23. Topic = Dog's Are Woman's Best Friend.

Someone once said "You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, `My God, you're RIGHT! I NEVER would've thought of that!'" and I agree with this statement. My dog, Max, has been with me through thick and thin. My family got him when I was seven and I love him. He was there when we moved, twice. When I felt lonely, he was always right beside me. Through all my friends, he has been there the longest. Sometimes I get annoyed having to take him for walks but I remember all the times I would get in trouble and he would come and lay in my lap. He also keeps all my secrets.


January 22nd 2012

Photo number 22. Topic = Fruitarian.

A fruitarian is someone that only eats fruit. I have to say that I am definitely NOT one of those people. I do love fruit though, especially kiwis. There colors are so radiant too so that is why I snapped this picture. I also love all the details the seeds make. They remind me of the way people judge. They see the outside, which for kiwis is a brown furry skin, and do not see all the beauty that is in the inside. A good friend of mine told me a quote the other day, it said "People judge like iceburgs. They only see the 10% that is visible but not the other 90% hidden within."


January 21st 2012

Day 21. Topic = When Procrastinating is Good.

So today I was gone ALL day. I went to and event where I could rollerskate and play a game of bowling. Think about all the good photos I could have took! When I left this morning it was early and I was not thinking at all and forgot my camera. While at this event I kept on looking around thinking "That's a good photo, OHH! that would make a good photo too!" This happened to me ALOT today when I did not have my camera. So when I got home it was close to dark so I grabbed my camera and took this photo of the trees from my porch. I really was not wanting to edit it but if I didn't you would not be able to tell what it was because it was so dark. I think sometimes it works out when you delay what you have to do.


January 20th 2012

Photo number 20. Topic = Picasso Impersonator.

This morning I had the chance to go to a local pottery making place. You can either choose to paint something that has already been made (like some friends did that I went with.) or you can start at the bottom and sculpt your own masterpeice (like I did). This was a friends of mines color choices that she chose to paint dots on a coffee mug. My pottery peice that I made is not done yet BUT I will go back in a couple of  weeks after it has been in the kilm and I will paint it. It might be the subject for a picture.


January 19th 2012

Day 19. Topic = Beauty from God.

Sometimes I feel like life is pointless. Most people probably have this feeling at some point in their life. At this moment when this happens, I useually notice something. Today I was having that down kind of feeling but then I looked up into the sky and noticed the amazing colors. God works in odd ways, and sometimes it takes a while to notice these ways, but he is always there. If God put you there, he will get you out. P.S. this photo has NO editing. The sky actually looked just how it is pictured.


January 18th 2012

Photo Number 18. Topic = Eucidaris tribuloides

The topic name sounds like a Harry Potter spell but I promise no tricks or potions were used here. I did not even edit this photo one bit. The topic name is this creatures technical name but you may or may not know him as the Pencil Urchin. I went to a museum with a friend of mine today and I thought this little guy was fasinating. Here is some quick facts about the pencil urchin.   It has a brown, sometimes mottled body with stubby, thick spines radiating out in all directions. The spines are surrounded by basal plates. Never try to pry it out of a hole, as you will break its spines before it lets go. As it ages, its spines may become covered with coralline and other types of algae. During the day it will seek shelter in the rocks; at night it will come out and forage for food, looking particularly for algae lawns and smaller invertebrates like sea squirts or sponges. It can be destructive to corals. Well I hope you have had a nice biology lesson today!


January 17th 2012

Post Number 17. Topic = The Shopaholic

Today I went to a Coach outlet store. Everywhere you look was shiny new bags with the original "C" pattern. All different shades of brown, gray, red, and black. Well let me just go ahead and and say I have a VERY different style. I shop at thrift stores, any second-hand shops, and I re-design most of my clothes. When I went in to the store I promise you, I was not impressed. To me it all seems like a overpriced  bad, but thats just my opinion. If you like them and can afford them, GOOD FOR YOU! The reason why I went in there was not for me but I went in there with my grandma that way she could find a purse, Well I started to get sort of bored after 5 minutes so I broke out my camera and snapped this picture of the coin purses that were hanging on a rack. I liked the variety of different colors on the straps.


January 16th 2012

Day 16. Topic = Another Day at the Office

Well today is Martin Luther King Jr. day but instead of being like most teenagers and sleeping all day I woke up and went straight to the computer. No, not for facebook or anything fun, but to type. ALL DAY LONG. I have a project due tomorrow so I had to get it done today. I barly have stood up all day from sitting in a chair and I am starting to feel cross-eyed from staring at the computer screen. This is a picture of my keyboard. The main reason it is being posted is because I thought it was good for my day today and it did not require me to go any where or even get up from the computer. I will try to make tomorrows post a bit more exicting...


January 15th 2012

Challenge Day 15. Topic = In The Kitchen.

Sometimes I feel like my mind decides not to wake up with me. It has definatly been one of those days. I slept in late, I am just now doing this blog post at 8:00 at night (when I like to have them done before lunch), and I feel like nothing has been accomplished by me today. Well here is todays picture, more or less, but hey, I never said that you would like ALL of the photos! This picture was taken in our kitchen, and it is of the top of our fruit basket which sits in front of the brick wall.  


Day 14. Topic = Hidden Looks.

This is my youngest brother in the picture. He is the best at falling into natural poses, and his cuteness helps too. He is wearing his "green dinosaur jacket". The jacket has "spikes" that go up onto the hood. He loves to pretend, superheros are, of course, one of his obsessions. He owns TONS of capes and masks and likes to wear them often, sometimes in public too. I have fallen in love with this photo and I hope you like it too!


January 13th 2012

The 13th Day. Topic = Mr. Freeze

Two days ago I posted a picture of a flower but today I have fallen leaves and ice. The weather here in NC has been up and down like crazy. A couple of days ago it rained and filled up this flower pot base and last night the water turned into a nice, solid piece of ice. I loved how this photo looked because the leaves are frozen into the ice. Also, if you have not already, make sure to check out the blogs facebook page, One girl 365 clicks!


January 12th 2012

Challenge Day 12. Topic = Hot and Fresh.

When you walk up to Krispy Kreme you will most likely see the glowing "Hot Doughnuts Now!" sign glowing red. Then you step though the door and the smell is like its own sugar rush in itself. If you dare to walk over to the doughnuts make sure to have your wallet in hand because these little treats are amazing! At the end if you are a child (yes, this means a kid at heart too) then pick you up one of these hats and make sure to flaunt it where ever you go to show your Krispy Kreme pride!


January 11th 2012

Day 11. Topic = Add A Little Sunshine.

Well today is another wet day. It is not raining but it looks gloomy. I could not find anything to take a picture of so I walked outside and saw a flower. My first thought was "No way! It is winter! How are there flowers?!" Well it has not been a cold winter yet here in NC so it makes sense for there to be flowers when I was outside without a jacket on christmas.  So I was amazed about this flower shining so bright in all the darkness of today. Now my goal for today is to see if I can find the sunshine today in all the gloominess.


January 10th 2012

10th Day of the Challenge. Topic = Keep the Memories.

I love necklaces, I always have at least one on. The one that is a camera necklace (pictured in the front) I wear every day no matter what. If someone saw me without that necklace, I would say that they were hallucinating. It is my favorite necklaces in the world, and to make it better one of my favorite people gave it to me, my mom. On the right is another necklace that I admire. It has the famous quote "Keep Calm And Carry On." Every time I look at it that one quote just inspires me in so many ways.The necklace at the top is a necklace a close friend gave me and it reads "Sisters At Heart", the wonderful person that gave it to me inspires me in so many ways and that necklace reminds me how lucky I am to have her in my life. The last necklace picture on the left is a necklace I recently added to my collection. The charm on it says Leo, and that is what I am, a leo. This reminds me of all the good characteristics in me. I wear this necklace when I am having on of those days where nothing makes me feel better, exept when I read the necklace and I remember how lucky I am to be in this world.


January 9th 2012

Day 9. Topic = Icky Days.

Today is one of those days that I just want to curl up in a big fuzzy blanket, drinking hot chocolate, and watching "The Notebook".  It has been raining all day and everything looks so dull. I like the sunshine but I have not seen it once today. I guess we all have to have our lazy days even the sun. This photo was taken while I was in the car, through the window. The faded spots are where the rain had dropped on the glass.  I think it captures winter in North Carolina, the trees are bare, it is rainy, but still no snow.


January 8th 2012

The 8th post. Topic = Finding Things in Hidden Spots.

People tend to overlook things. More than you would think. Me being what I would like to call a "Photographer - In - Training" I try to find beauty in everything. Take this photo, for example, all it is is a birdhouse. That is if you do not think about that birdhouse. Look at all the detail in the photo, the way the hole for the doorway is turning rusty, the carved letters into it to show the logo. To me, stuff like this birdhouse is so much prettier than a plastic little gadget or something in that sort. Try to notice the small things instead of looking at the whole picture.


January 7th 2012

Day Number 7. Topic = When The Lights Come Down.

So today we finally took down all the christmas lights. Lights are such a hard thing to capture right and everyone will take it differently. This picture was pretty simple actually and there is not much to say about it. I layed the lights down evenly on the floor and took the picture. I personally like the photo because you can see the details in the lights and I think that is wonderful.


January 6th 2012

6th Day. Topic = Falling into Poses.

My four year old brother is crazy. I love him but he is insane. Every time he has a jacket on he wants to wear the hood, no matter what the weather is. Today we went to a local park and he just happened to be standing at the perfect angle so I ran over to him and told him to stay still and he let me snap this photo. If you are not familer with the term "falling into a pose" then it means pretty much what it says, it is when someone is standing, sitting or doing something just right and it makes the perfect photo. This means that they are not told to "pose" a certain way, they just do it by themselves.


January 5th 2012

Day 5. Topic = Look again.

Before you read any further, what do YOU think this picture is of? How do you think the picture was taken? Upside down, looking straight on, or the camera pointing down? Well in case you havent figured it out was it is then I will tell you. They are salt and pepper mills, and I held the camera right above them. The pepper is the one on the left and the salt is on the right. Some of my favorite pictures that I take are ones that are normal, everyday objects but when you hold the camera just right there is a whole new perspective. These salt and pepper mills are just the right wood color and they look like the ones that waiters use at olive garden. Do you see how they are salt and pepper mills now?


January 4th 2012

Day number four. Topic = The follow-up post.

So yesterday I did a post on my Nancy Drew books. Well today is going to be what I like to call the "follow-up post". This little sock monkey was given to me for christmas by someone very close. The monkey's name is Socks. He loves mystery books and every time I walk into my room he is sitting peacefully. Socks is very peaceful and likesto keep to himself. He just sits there with all the books and he escapes into these stories. 


January 3rd 2012

3rd day. Topic = Gotta Have a Good Mystery.

The summer before I turned nine years old the Nancy Drew movie came to theaters with Emma Roberts in it. I remember going to the theaters to see it and I was mesmerized. I wanted to be just like her. Also that summer we moved into a new house that is also old like the one in the movie. I searched everywhere for "clues" to find out if there was a mystery in my own home. Of course, there wasn't any clues to be found but that summer my friends and I would make all these traps for our parents and what we thought was our "spygear". We carried around little pocket mirrors to spy with and walkie talkies to communicate in secrecy. We dressed in plaid shorts and cardigans, and made sure we had our purse full of the Nancy Drew essentials. For my birthday my mom bought me most of the Nancy Drew old books and I still have them to this day. Every time I look at them I think of all the adventures of that summer.


January 2nd 2012

Day two. Topic = Mother Nature in the Works.

Where I live we have a small creek in our backyard that I can see out my bedroom window. On a normal day there is only about maybe a foot of water in it with what my family likes to call a "island" in the middle of the creek. I happened to look outside today and noticed that the island was completely covered up with water and the creek was actually going into our yard. Useually the water is so shallow that if you decided to put your feet in that you would have to step down into the creek just to get your toes wet. Today it literally was even with the grass. If you notice in the picture the grass on the right-hand side (that may add is no taller than a couple of inches) then you might be able to tell how high the water actually was.


Offically Day One

        Day one of the great photo challenge. Topic = Angry Birds, The Board Game Edition.

For my first day of 2012 I had the chance to babysit a wonderful 6 year old boy.  He taught me how to play "Angry Birds, The Board Game". If you are not familiar with the angry birds obsession then I will tell you the point of the game.There is a tower that has these interesting green "pigs" (pictured) sitting on or in the tower. Then there is a catapult that you have to set the "birds" (also pictured) in and make them hit the tower and seeing how many pigs you can knock over. Sounds simple right? It is so not. We  spent over an hour "slinging" these little guys and hitting the pigs. I had a blast though and was fascinated at the bright colors and odd shapes. This picture is of all the birds and pigs lined up in a row, starting with the original "angry bird".