January 10th 2012

10th Day of the Challenge. Topic = Keep the Memories.

I love necklaces, I always have at least one on. The one that is a camera necklace (pictured in the front) I wear every day no matter what. If someone saw me without that necklace, I would say that they were hallucinating. It is my favorite necklaces in the world, and to make it better one of my favorite people gave it to me, my mom. On the right is another necklace that I admire. It has the famous quote "Keep Calm And Carry On." Every time I look at it that one quote just inspires me in so many ways.The necklace at the top is a necklace a close friend gave me and it reads "Sisters At Heart", the wonderful person that gave it to me inspires me in so many ways and that necklace reminds me how lucky I am to have her in my life. The last necklace picture on the left is a necklace I recently added to my collection. The charm on it says Leo, and that is what I am, a leo. This reminds me of all the good characteristics in me. I wear this necklace when I am having on of those days where nothing makes me feel better, exept when I read the necklace and I remember how lucky I am to be in this world.