July 3rd 2012

177. Topic = Blueberry picking/eating.

July 2nd 2012

Day 176. Topic = Power's out.
I am a day behind today because right when I was thinking about how I needed to take a photo for that day, the power went out. This means my computer had no power, we had no internet, and to top it off, it was getting pretty dark outside. In my house, we are all Star Wars obsessed people. Therefore, we own PLENTY of light sabers. My brothers grabbed theirs and proceeded to fight up and down the hallway. 
 My whole family the went outside for a while with sparklers (that were bought last year for 4th of July but forgotten about and were ironically remembered last week) and as you can tell, we loved them.
I had attempted to write my name in the grass with the sparklers but that idea did not work so well. I still got a awesome photo, though!