June 16th 2012

166. Topic = First camp of the summer.
I only have internet today and tomorrow so lets make the best of it! In this photo, I am pretty much showing off what I was given at camp. At this camp I was actually a counselor's assistant for a bunch of great 7 to 8 year old girls. In the background, you can see some birthday cards. It is not my birthday yet, but the second these girls heard my birthday was next month, they all made me cards! The main thing that you see in the photo is my armful of bracelets. I made them all, some at home and some at camp, but one was made for me by my sweet little camper! I had a blast, and I will be back at a camp on Monday!


June 13th 2012

165. Topic = I'll be back!
As I warned in a previous post, I am going to camp. I am not sure when the next time I will have internet is, but it should be soon. So, see you later!! 


June 8th 2012

Day 160 Topic = Stylish in a name tag and "I <3 NY" shirt.

I am sorry about the very poor quality. I had to take a photo with a phone from the screen on my camera.


June 5th 2012

157. Topic = RAINBOW!!
So this was halfway an accidental photo. I was about to attempt to take a photo of the little rainbow that was in the water at the splash park and then my brother ran through. Oddly enough, I thought it gave a better dynamic to the photo. Who can spot the rainbow?
I thought my sister was looking quite cute sipping on my drink, too. She must be a true Carolina girl , all she wants is sweet tea and Pepsi! 


June 4th 2012

Number 156. Topic = Bibles and love.
I found my old bible today, worn out and all. I had forgotten about the bookmark I had left inside it and then I remembered something about that bookmark. As I opened it up, I found that I was correct. The petal of a flower that looks like a heart was still stuck to it. Sometimes, the only thing you need in the day to get you going is a nice memory. 


June 3rd 2012

155. Topic = So much explaining.
I took this photo of my new suitcase I got today as a pre-birthday present (it's only a month away from my birthday!!!) from my mom for the many camps I will be at this summer. I think this will be the best time to tell you about how the next couple of months will go. During this summer, I will barely be at home therefore away from my computer. Posts may be few and far in between some weeks (there is no internet at the camps) but I will try my hardest. I will still be taking a photo a day, just not post every day. I REFUSE to break this challenge now! Please bear with me, this summer will go fast! I am not sure when all this chaos will start, so do not be alarmed about random blank days of this blog, I am still here. Thank you so much for looking at my blog everyone though, I would not be doing the blog if it was not because of all of you. Much love <3

June 2nd 2012

Photo 154. Topic = At the drive in.

June 1st 2012

Day 153. Topic = Worth the wait?
I know today is the 3rd but this photo was taken on the 1st of June so that is how I will label it. Personally, I think it was worth the wait for this amazing photo I took. Yes, I will brag on this photo, I think it's one of my best because, well, LOOK AT IT! Wouldn't you agree it is cool?! Also, there is not a single touch of editing!!!! Yay! 


June 1st 2012

153. Topic = AHH!
So, as you can tell, there is no photo on here. a photo was taken (actually more than one) but the computer is not letting me post them! I hope I will be able to post tomorrow but if I can not, then they will all be uploaded on Sunday. Thanks for understanding!