September 1st 2012

Day 196. Topic = God shines through every part of my day.
Yes, the topic name and picture may have been a bit corny today, but it is very true. This photo is of a water mister to cool off people at the zoo. Don't stop reading there, because I can guarantee you will say "awww" next.
 Was I right? This is a mamma gorilla holding it's 1 month old little baby. There was also a baby gorilla born last night and he was actually on view because the mom refused to leave her enclosure. I do not have a photo of them though, the mother was VERY protective over showing her new baby.
 Over at the chimps, it seemed as if there was some bartering going on...
And a superior impression of "The Thinker" also. 


August 26th 2012

Photo 191. Topic = Through the Tunnels of West Virginia.

August 23rd 2012

Photo Number 190. Topic = Uncertainty. 
**This was meant to be posted on the 23rd but ended up in the drafts folder, and was not published. Sorry!**


August 22nd 2012

Day 189. Topic = Contest!
So today I found out about a contest going on near me by a shoe store called Solteria. I am telling all of you this because I entered the photo above, the contest was to send them a photo of you in your TOMS, and I would appreciate if you would go on facebook and find them (/www.facebook.com/pages/Solteria/60675903089    Here is the link, sorry I could not make it a direct link). Just "like" their page and click on the right hand side where it says "Recent posts by others on Solteria" and you will see my photo. From then like that photo and if you would like to help out even more share it with your friends and get them to like the photo too! Thank you so much!! You are all loved!


August 21st 2012

188. Topic = My summer described in one photo.
Hey guys, so I know this summer was pretty photo-less  but I am going to try to get back into the routine of posting photos again. This photo has some of the bracelets I made this summer at different camps, or while sitting on workshops. I hope you all will hope right back on my blogging expedition with me! 


July 5th 2012

Day 178. Topic = Happy birthday to my baby sister (who love to play dress up).


July 3rd 2012

177. Topic = Blueberry picking/eating.

July 2nd 2012

Day 176. Topic = Power's out.
I am a day behind today because right when I was thinking about how I needed to take a photo for that day, the power went out. This means my computer had no power, we had no internet, and to top it off, it was getting pretty dark outside. In my house, we are all Star Wars obsessed people. Therefore, we own PLENTY of light sabers. My brothers grabbed theirs and proceeded to fight up and down the hallway. 
 My whole family the went outside for a while with sparklers (that were bought last year for 4th of July but forgotten about and were ironically remembered last week) and as you can tell, we loved them.
I had attempted to write my name in the grass with the sparklers but that idea did not work so well. I still got a awesome photo, though! 



June 16th 2012

166. Topic = First camp of the summer.
I only have internet today and tomorrow so lets make the best of it! In this photo, I am pretty much showing off what I was given at camp. At this camp I was actually a counselor's assistant for a bunch of great 7 to 8 year old girls. In the background, you can see some birthday cards. It is not my birthday yet, but the second these girls heard my birthday was next month, they all made me cards! The main thing that you see in the photo is my armful of bracelets. I made them all, some at home and some at camp, but one was made for me by my sweet little camper! I had a blast, and I will be back at a camp on Monday!


June 13th 2012

165. Topic = I'll be back!
As I warned in a previous post, I am going to camp. I am not sure when the next time I will have internet is, but it should be soon. So, see you later!! 


June 8th 2012

Day 160 Topic = Stylish in a name tag and "I <3 NY" shirt.

I am sorry about the very poor quality. I had to take a photo with a phone from the screen on my camera.