February 15th 2012

Day Number 46. Topic = More Than One Photo!

It has been a very good photo-taking day for me. The first picture is of a wonderful cupcake that my mother brought to me from a playdate. The cupcake was made by the lovely lady over at  Very Pinteresting! If you have never seen her blog before, you need too! I love it!
This photo is of a pine cone bird feeder my brothers made this past week. SUPER easy to make, find a pine cone, add some peanut butter, then last but not least, add a little bit of bird seed. We saw SO many birds on the bird feeders!
I wore a pair of sunglasses outside today and I thought it would be neat to show exactly what I was seeing. My sister is being absolutely adorable in the background, also.
My brother is great at being my little model. This picture was definitely planned out.
We walked down to the local park (also mentioned in this post) and this is the dog that lives in the house in front of the park. Her name is Riley and she is the sweetest thing ever!
At the park I almost had stepped on this flower but looked down just in time to see it so I snapped this photo.
Last but not least, here is my other brother about to slide down the slide.
Whew! I think that might just be enough photos for today! One more thing, I entered a photo in a contest so PLEASE go check out the One Girl 365 Clicks Facebook page and find the link for the photo contest. My photo is number 5 so please vote! Thanks!