April 15th 2012

Number 106. Topic = I Wish to Travel.
I emptied out my purse today because I knew it needed cleaning and I will be going on a one night vacation tonight. So, I was surprised how much was actually in my purse, considering it is really small. Lets see, I have a pack of gum (one of my favorite flavors!) and my new camera strap that was given to me while I was in West Virginia. This camera strap is small than my other one, but the other one was about 5 years old. I have my battery charger with my extra battery. You never know when you will need it! My best chap stick is always with me. It smells like a tropical paradise and has SPF 15 (I get sun burnt VERY quickly). The sunglasses are actually able to fold in half for easy storage. I picked them up last year at one of my favorite stores! I have a random bottle cap from a peach Nehi because, well why not? There is a pen for quick notes ideas that usually are just wrote on my hands. The last two things are my phone and a book. I think you can figure out the purpose of those!

April 14th 2012

105. Topic = Silly Birds.

Today while I was walking around outside in the yard, the sun was beating through the trees and it happened to be shining right on the birdhouse in the backyard. I walked over there and noticed how much birdseed the birds (and probably other animals that wander around at night.) had spilled. No suprise, but I had my camera so a picture was taken of the spilled birdseed. I know I am posting this a day late but I thought that I did and the post never went through.