March 4th 2012

Day 64. Topic = It is Cold Without My Jacket.

This photo was a lucky shot. I went on a scooter/my brother chooses a random toy to ride on ride. All of the sudden it had gotten a lot darker. I knew it was because of clouds but I did not expect to turn around and see this. This is personally a favorite of mine now.
This was the look I get from Patrick after he crashes into me after taking the first picture.
"Alex! We are about to go down the big hill!"
This is the face you get when you go down the hill to fast on a little plastic toy and fall. You also get your jacket stolen because he said, and I quote, "I don't need a jacket; I'm already wearing a sweater!". After he fell he realized that it was cold and indeed he DID need a jacket, so he wanted mine...
Even after he steals my jacket, he still is so darn cute!