June 3rd 2012

155. Topic = So much explaining.
I took this photo of my new suitcase I got today as a pre-birthday present (it's only a month away from my birthday!!!) from my mom for the many camps I will be at this summer. I think this will be the best time to tell you about how the next couple of months will go. During this summer, I will barely be at home therefore away from my computer. Posts may be few and far in between some weeks (there is no internet at the camps) but I will try my hardest. I will still be taking a photo a day, just not post every day. I REFUSE to break this challenge now! Please bear with me, this summer will go fast! I am not sure when all this chaos will start, so do not be alarmed about random blank days of this blog, I am still here. Thank you so much for looking at my blog everyone though, I would not be doing the blog if it was not because of all of you. Much love <3

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