January 17th 2012

Post Number 17. Topic = The Shopaholic

Today I went to a Coach outlet store. Everywhere you look was shiny new bags with the original "C" pattern. All different shades of brown, gray, red, and black. Well let me just go ahead and and say I have a VERY different style. I shop at thrift stores, any second-hand shops, and I re-design most of my clothes. When I went in to the store I promise you, I was not impressed. To me it all seems like a overpriced  bad, but thats just my opinion. If you like them and can afford them, GOOD FOR YOU! The reason why I went in there was not for me but I went in there with my grandma that way she could find a purse, Well I started to get sort of bored after 5 minutes so I broke out my camera and snapped this picture of the coin purses that were hanging on a rack. I liked the variety of different colors on the straps.

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