January 3rd 2012

3rd day. Topic = Gotta Have a Good Mystery.

The summer before I turned nine years old the Nancy Drew movie came to theaters with Emma Roberts in it. I remember going to the theaters to see it and I was mesmerized. I wanted to be just like her. Also that summer we moved into a new house that is also old like the one in the movie. I searched everywhere for "clues" to find out if there was a mystery in my own home. Of course, there wasn't any clues to be found but that summer my friends and I would make all these traps for our parents and what we thought was our "spygear". We carried around little pocket mirrors to spy with and walkie talkies to communicate in secrecy. We dressed in plaid shorts and cardigans, and made sure we had our purse full of the Nancy Drew essentials. For my birthday my mom bought me most of the Nancy Drew old books and I still have them to this day. Every time I look at them I think of all the adventures of that summer.


  1. I love more than i could ever say . it is my honor to be your dad

  2. I read all those books in elementary school - the library had most of the series & I think I read most of them :)