April 13th 2012

Day 104. Topic = 2 out of 4.

So today is Friday the 13th. Actually, it is the 2nd Friday the 13th we have had this year, and there is two more to come. I'm no Mayan, but if there are FOUR Friday the 13th's in one year, I'd say the world was going to end too. (P.S. I'm completely kidding, please excuse my odd humor, but if you read my blog alot, you already know this.) I read a funny tweet a while back, it read "If the world did end in 2012, what would you do before you die?". The best (and funniest) response I read said "Punch a Mayan in the face". I could not help but laugh. I took this picture of a painting I am working on for a contest. It is a painting of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I really hope it turned out well!! Also, I'm going to leave you with a question, What would YOU do before the world ended if it did end?

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