February 29th 2012

Day 60. Topic = The Extra Day.

So some people have been joking about the name of the blog. They keep on saying that it is not correct. Yes, I KNOW there is 366 days this year and it is just ironic that I started the blog on a leap year. I think of it this way, if I told you my blog was called "One girl, 366 days" wouldn't you be a bit confused? So just think of this as a extra post for the extra day. Now, about the photo. I love to doodle. It is like a little addiction of mine. My sketch book is filled with random sayings. words, and mini drawings that I think of. I guess this goes along with my obsession for pens. When there is a blank space in my planner or even along the sides of papers, this kind of drawing happens. So happy leap year everybody!

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