February 26th 2012

Day 57. Topic = When in Need.

Well It was 9:30 pm and I still did not have a photo for today. While I was searching around my room for a decent photo, I came across another collection from my desk. The pens. I am the kind of person that if your company hands me some cheap pen, I will love it. I have used fancy pens for drawing before but I really just like regular pens and sharpies. Does anyone else have this same obsession?


  1. Maybe this means you will be a nurse when you grow up. Nurses have an affliction for pens and sharpies in a way that borders on hoarding. When I retired, I had a DUFFLE BAG full of pens from my vendors. Even now, when I go to the store and see a big multipack of sharpies or pretty pens, I fight the urge to buy them :)

  2. Actually now my dream job is a anthropotomist (: