February 25th 2012

Photo Number 56. Topic = Needing Sleep.

Today was a whirlwind. Lets just say waking up at 5 in the morning two days in a row is not my thing. I went to Horseman's Youth Day at NC State Veternary School today. You could not imagine how much I learned! I loved going there! I now want to be a zoologist and study animals by dissecting them. I was completely fasinated by the anatomy part of the presentation. Above is a picture of a young fawn (about 10 days old).
This is a picture of the mother of the fawn. She was so beautiful.
I took this picture right after we came out of this barn. We learned how to do a quick physical examination. Listening to the horses heart was cool!
This last picture is of a horse that was down in thw hospital part of the school. She has a bad left hind leg that is wrapped up in a cast. I can not recal what had happened to her. She was a hair camera shy, too.

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