February 22nd 2012

Day 53. Topic = The One of Many Piles On My Desk.

My desk looks like someone took all of a office supply store and threw it on my desk. Between photos, the computer, papers from many different events, books, notebooks, pens, drawing supplies, random sticky notes, and all of the etc., my desk is covered. The photo above is a small portion of the mess. The top book is "The Hunger Games", which was in fact finished! The Second book is "The Diary of Anne Frank". That book has taken me FOREVER to read but I only have about 40 pages left. The next two books are "The Iliad of Homer" and "The Odyssey of Homer". I never read either one, but I do know about them. They were loaned to me and I have been meaning to give them back but, as you can see, I have not yet. The last book is actually not a book. It is my, what I guess you would call a "Fashion Journal". The journal is filled with things that I have torn out of magazines, anything I wanted to buy, an idea of something I could make, or an outfit I liked a lot. All of these have thier own little spot in the chaos of my desk, but I thought it made a good picture.

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